Sunday, January 23, 2011

random VII

which one you think you'll choose,
to have lots of coiches,
than to have no choice?
for me, both of them,
are confusing.
cause you don't really know,
what you want,
what you need,
what you wish,
unless you try.

but the thing is..
I'm getting too tired,
to keep trying the same thing :'(
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

random VI

I finally found you
my sweet little angel
in all of the sorrow
that drown me inside

and I finally realized
my sweet little mistake
in all of those great wall
that brings me up tight

random V

look at the season
keeps on changing the weather
trying to find tomorrow
staring at the ocean
hoping to find something sweeter
when finally end up with mirror

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

random IV

no matter how long
no matter how wrong
you'll still be strong
cause you're still young

grown up

okay I know maybe it all just sounds too serious,
but I think it's real, and it's completely true.
people are growing up,
you can't just keep taking everything as a joke,
as something funny,
as something unimportant.

cause when I finally found something,
something that I made me really feel and think about it,
and something that have made me feel so sure,
something that made me feel like I don't want to let go,
I never want to let it go,
so I guess I use (and I want) to take it as something..
hmm quite serious.

yess, I'm all grown up.
and I found you as something important in my life today,
and in some point I feel like,
I completely realized that..
I just don't want to let go.


it's been quite an incredible year with you.
you made me feel like I finally found my soulmate *LOL*

at first we thought,
we have lots of things in common.
we thought we had the same view,
the same view for almost everything in our life.
and it's really made me feel good,
to have someone who really understand what you wanted,
and what you wished for your life,
cause he actually had the same view as I do.
but like I said before,
it was just a thought.

I already had a plan for my life,
since I was a teenage girl.
I wrapped it up nicely,
tried to make it good,
and tried to make it true.

and unfortunately,
we didn't have the same future plan.
cause the thought we had at first,
well it was just a thought,
not really exactly what has happened in reality,
nor what exactly we had,
and we think in our mind.

we also didn't try to make
every little thing in our life,
to be exactly what we want and wish for,
but we actually tried to make
every little thing in our life,
to be exactly what
each of us want and wish for.

I get confused, and a bit scared.
after those incredible year we had,
should I use my "let it flow and let it go" thing with you now?
or should I use the "let it flow and try to make it true",
when we actually have such a really different view for almost in everything later?

Monday, January 17, 2011

where have I been?

look at me today
I was wondering
how things can be
so damnly easy for me?
I was, and I'm still bless,
I know!

but its not it,
its not what I mean,
I'm no longer feel happy with it!

I feel completely awful,
just to realize,
the way I spent my life today,
can be totally different from
so many unlucky people out there!

I know they were there,
and they are.
I cant just keep pretending
like I know nothing about it.
I know,
in every minute,
every second,
I spent my time with
all of that glory,
in the same time,
there are so many people
starve to death,
being fooled,
looking for some little thing to eat,
and there are so many people
were trying to find their happiness.

when all I did,
were just sitting around,
eating real nice food,
enjoying my super comfort bed,
reading all good books,
watching all good movies,
and thinking about my incredible future plan.

where were they in my mind?
I dont know.
where have I been for them?
I dont know
what have you done to them?
in 20 years, and what a pity,
I've done absolutely nothing!

I feel awful :'(
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

ramdon III

I was listening to every word you said
trying to understand the sound

I was watching to every move you made
trying to understand the meaning

but I was trying to understand it all
then I decided to quit all of it.
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hari ini, terlalu banyak orang pintar. pintar dalam "segala hal". pintar bohong, pintar nipu, pintar nyolong, pintar membodohi, pintar memeras, dan yang pasti pintar mencari kesempatan. tanyakan, apakah itu kesempatan baik? dan jawabannya akan tetap sama, kesempatan.

aku hanya ingin tau, kemana moral kita selama ini pergi? kemana nilai-nilai yang sejak dulu kita pegang teguh itu pergi? kemana semangat perubahan yang dulu kita teriakkan itu pergi? kemana orang-orang yang dulu berteriak mengaku membela kita itu pergi?

kita semua malu, mengapa kalian seperti orang bodoh yang lupa akan asal usul kalian? mengapa kalian datang dan ada hanya untuk kalian sendiri? mengapa semua moral dan nilai-nilai yang dulu ada justru sekarang menjadi suatu hal yang taboo? dan hanya satu pertanyaan yang pasti..

mengapa kesempatan yang kalian ambil hanya membuat keadaan menjadi lebih buruk, bukan lebih baik?
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Friday, January 7, 2011

random II

when you give something
but it means nothing
when you feel something
but it teaches nothing
when you hope something
but it shows nothing

but when you end something
maybe you're no longer feel nothing
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random I

there's always be a hollow
in every sorrow
but just believe
there's always be a rainbow
in every tomorrow :)
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Sunday, January 2, 2011


when I was young,
when there are so many choices to choose,
you blame me for that decision I made,
maybe, 'til now.

but don't you see yourself?
don't you ever realize how hard you made me feel?
and when finally I made such a final decision for myself,
all you've done is taking all the blame on me?
and thats it?

even though you were special for me,
but still, people need to do some changes.
and I need it, was.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year

here it is 2011!
I just cant believe, 2010 really feels so fast. many things happened, many things been done, many things I (we) through, many things have teached us to be a better person, cause there're also many things to learned.
I didnt think I've done any good things in 2010, everything just passed me away, everything seems so fast.
but especially for irfan rizky darajat, thank you so much for being with me through 2010, you do made my year. and no matter what people said or think about us, I love you, still :)

and new year is just another day to work, so dont stop wishing and working after that.
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