Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year

here it is 2011!
I just cant believe, 2010 really feels so fast. many things happened, many things been done, many things I (we) through, many things have teached us to be a better person, cause there're also many things to learned.
I didnt think I've done any good things in 2010, everything just passed me away, everything seems so fast.
but especially for irfan rizky darajat, thank you so much for being with me through 2010, you do made my year. and no matter what people said or think about us, I love you, still :)

and new year is just another day to work, so dont stop wishing and working after that.
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  1. 2010 adalah tahun ku denganmu, meski kadang kala kita sibuk dengan urusan masing2 pastilah nantinya kita akan kembali sibuk dengan urusan kita lagi(aku dan kamu).menyadari bahwa satu tahun bukanlah masa yang sebentar, dan kita dapat melewatinya dengan pelajaran dan proses yang sama-sama kita lalui, semoga tahun-tahun berikutnya kita tetap bersama, terimakasih sudah menjadi bagian dari hidupku, you, you make me feel brand new, and in this new year, eventhough i still with the same person(you), everyday i feel like a brand new day with you.
    keep dreaming. I L U

  2. you're very welcome sweetheart, I love you too *hugs&kisses*