Sunday, April 10, 2011


you might actually think that just because I'm younger and you're older, than it makes you feel and think that you're smarter and know the world better, than I do. well, actually I don't care what you think, but if the thing you're thinking could affect my parents, then you have to deal with me first. you know sometimes I just don't understand what the hell were playing around in your head, cause I just didn't seem to understand you. you keep messing around with my parents, keep pissed them off! sounds like you just want to them to go away from your life? okay let me tell you this, WHO THE HELL YOU THINK YOU ARE? I feel like I'm getting out my nerves when I saw someone was trying to pissed my parents of! I don't care who you are, you mean nothing to me, and my parents absolutely mean everything to me!

Monday, April 4, 2011

selalu lupa bersyukur

my father always told me that I should be grateful for every little thing I had in life.
and I know he's right, cause life is easier when we did it.
God made it all easier when we're grateful.

but unfortunately..
keluhan itu selalu ada
di dalam banyaknya kebahagiaan dan kesedihan yang ada,
terlalu terselip banyak keluhan didalamnya.

aku mencoba untuk terus mengingat berapa banyak orang yang berada dalam situasi yang lebih buruk dari ini,
aku terus mencoba mengingat dan menyadari, bahwa semua ini hanya ilusi, permainan pikiran,
permainan setan.

aku malu, dari begitu banyaknya keluhanku, di dalamnya tersimpan begitu banyak keberuntungan.
aku malu, pada mereka yang sudah tertimpa banyak cobaan, namun tetap bangkit berjuang.
aku malu, pada teman-temanku yang kesusahan, namun sedikit mengeluh dan keras berjalan.
aku malu, pada Tuhanku yang selalu membantu, namun sering terlupakan :'(

I promise I will never stop fighting,
fighting for myself, and also for others.
I promise I will never giving up,
cause giving up brings me to nothing.

I'm not living for myself, I'm living for others.
and thank you Somaly Mam, for giving us such an incredible words..

you've suffered what what you've suffered.
now take that pain and you help others.