Thursday, June 9, 2011

mystery of life (whaaat?)

I wanted my life to be exactly like the way I planned it.
not really exactly, it's okay, but at least close.
cause it feels better when you get what you want.
so it used to be obvious that I was pretty ambitious.

but you know, life goes on, you met bunch of new people you never thought you would know..
and it's changed you somehow (just a bit, thank God)
I feel happier today, it's true.
but do I feel afraid? hell yeah, even more.
cause the thing is, I'm getting older, I can see my life clearer now,
and I realize that I got a big scary world to deal with in the next couple years.
does it freak you out? hell yeah, it does.

but still, I feel curious instead.
what would I be, with whom, would I be rich or poor, would I be great or mess, would I be the way I wanted myself to be or I'd be such a whore?
fine, just see what'll happen, like a mystery.

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