Saturday, October 29, 2011


we're not talking about the ability that people should have to be a leader, but we're talking about the responsibility that should be the key to every single person on earth who wants to be a leader. seriously, my country has always amazed me with all of those incredible people out there who think they could be a really good leader by making themselves richer. I was like, what would you do with all of those money you had? was it really what you need? was it really what you want to made yourself happy? and was it really made you feel happy by feeding yourself and your family with all of those dirty disgusting money and let so many people suffered to death?
oh come on, just let someone, or just let yourself ask you one important question about all these inappropriate life you've made (I do realize that the word inappropriate is not really the right word to explain what they've done, but I think even the youngest sister of mine knows exactly what the word inappropriate means), don't you feel guilty of what you've done?

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