Tuesday, October 9, 2012

hey G!

Hello there my G..

I haven't talked to you in a while, haven't seen you in a hot while either. I've been really busy lately, still trying to finish this never ending task (you know exactly what I mean) and jobs from my lecturer, so I didn't really get the chance to talk to you, by that I mean to have a long chat with you. And finally the day has come, the day that I've been waiting for the last couple of months has finally come; we both know how much I craved for that day to come.

It wasn't that special actually, I barely felt the joy that I used think I would. But I'm sure, it'll be much more joyful if you were here (I felt the joy cause my parents were here, which is awesome), if you could even just spend one night with me here, then it would be.. lovely.

Besides all that; I miss you, I really really do. All the sudden, this morning, I just missed you even more. I miss the way your feet touch my legs and says how smooth it is 'I know it looks smooth but I never thought it feels this smooth', I miss our breakfast-lunch-dinner date, I miss our stupid laugh, I miss our long conversation at night before sleep and anytime possible, I miss the awkward moment we had with my brother-my friends-your friends, I miss our night walk at malioboro, I miss the fight we barely had, I miss the way you bother me while I drive, I miss the way you cheer me up, I miss the way you hug me when I'm about to cry, I miss the smell of your hair and your body, I miss the way you say I look good (almost) every time we met, I miss your funny look on my first short hair, I miss the way you say 'oh Ina..', I miss the look on your face when we haven't seen each other in a while, I miss your goodnight and goodbye kiss (I love them the most, doesn't mean I don't like the others), and I do really miss to see my super cute bule in my campus-home-Jogja, I just miss the whole you, I miss you so much!

Hope you're doing great, and I'll see you soon, real soon.
(Even if I don't know exactly when soon is soon enough for me to see you).
Well take care, love.