Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Unspoken Teacher

Today, I got another life lesson from a regular lunch time in Astrakhan.

We had another lunch in our fav cafe today. While we were enjoying our meal, came an old woman who happened to be a beggar. I couldn't tell what did she say to the lady behind the cashier nor to the waitress, I wasn't sure either whether she was ordering something or asking for food, even though those were the same things, but you know the difference. And after that small talk, she pulled the chair in front of cashier and had a sit. I wasn't sure what she was doing at first,  cause she completely doesn't look like someone who can afford eating in that place (no offense). At first I already had a thought that she was a beggar, but why is she doing here? Asking for food, just that? Is it a common thing in Russia for a beggar to just get in into a cafe and ask for a food and sit on a costumer chair? That sounds so unusual, especially in Indonesia (I mean the majority of big cafe). Until a young guy passed her and gave her some money, I started to be even more certain that she is a beggar.
While she was waiting for her food to come, she was preparing her tiny plastic bag for her food. And when it arrived, she put it in there and slowly made her way out. And when she reached the door, it was probably too heavy for her to bear, therefore she asked the cashier once again to help her open the door but none of the waitress seemed to be available, so I asked Gading to help her open the door, then she made her way out.

Sometime I wonder about God's plans for me. I don't know why should I be so sensitive about what's going on around me. But the more I ask myself the more I embrace it, cause every time I start to complain about my incredible life, then I look around and I found myself being in a really good environment with so many amazing examples that can make me a better person each day. I met a lot of strangers that made me think about a better day of my every day in the future, and I couldn't be more grateful for that.
For whoever you are whom I met today, thank you for being an unspoken teacher for me today.

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